Saturday, October 18, 2014

Didn't we have a date?

Boy meets girl. Boy asks girl on date. Boy drops off the face of the earth.

I don't think that is how the rhyme is suppose to go but for some reason it is on constant repeat in my dating life. Now, before you start thinking I am some wacko that must smell or have some man repellent quality, you must know that I consider myself quite normal. I have friends that can vouch, promise.

So in my single girl weekday nights as I start to drift off to sleep, I like to play a fun little game on my phone called Tinder. Yes, I know its a horribly shallow game, but it is the new 'hot or not', and well, way too addictive not to join in. As it turns out I happen to start chatting with a cute guy who shockingly doesn't come off too strong or ask me what I am wearing. Bonus right?! Or that is what I think, so reluctantly I give this guy my number and he continues to text me over the next few days. Within those days jokes ensue and then comes the ever so causal line...'we should get a drink this Saturday afternoon'. At this point it is ever so hard for me not to be jaded by past dating and getting my hopes up, but something feels a bit different so I happily accept.
Well days go by, I send a text, no reply and here I am...sitting in my living room on Saturday afternoon, wondering what happened? Why would you ask someone out if you have no intention of ever meeting them? --something I continue to ask myself every time this happens. What a waste of time. Fortunately, they have never met me so its hard to feel rejected when the person doesnt even know what your voice sounds like but it really does get a girl thinking. Are all of these dating apps and websites just a complete waste of time? Is it just a facade that men (and women) can hide behind who don't actually want to date but just get a confidence boost that someone actually said yes?

You always hear all of these stories about that friend of a friend who met their husband, fiance, boyfriend online....but at this point I call bullshit. Sure I have dated men off of these sites and it hasn't been a complete waste of time, but no matter how many of these dates/non dates I get, it still floors me every time.

And so, as I get ready to leave my computer seat and get out in the real world, drink date or not, it makes me I call this guy on his bullshit non-date...or act like I didn't even notice that this supposed 'Saturday drinks' never happened?

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