Saturday, October 25, 2014

Goodbye October, Hello November

Last night I was out with friends and we got talking about my blog. My friends decided, what if I turned the next month into a challenge?
Now, you should know that November is probably my least favourite month to be single. It's the time of the ever so popular 'Mo'vember. Don't get me wrong, I am a huge supporter and advocator for prostate cancer research, but in terms of dating, I don't usually gravitate to the men with mustaches. But what if for the month of November I completely flipped my dating rules upside down? What if November now became my 'yes' month?
Instead of cringing at the latest mustache wearing man who asks me out, what if I say yes instead? I have decided that in order to make the most of this month I need to fully commit to this task and now have joined up with all the popular dating sites (oh dear god) and enlisted the help of friends to get some 'dates' set up. Starting November 1st I will commit myself to going out on a limb and saying yes to dates from people I wouldn't normally say yes to.
What's going to come of this you ask?
Well, hopefully I come out with some great stories, new friends, a new found love of facial hair and a realization that maybe my 'must have' list needs to be revamped.

Now, the rules. As any of you who have gone online know, I simply cannot say 'yes' to every single man that contacts me on those sites (I may not come back from those dates alive) but I am going to force myself to message back people I wouldn't normally. I am determined that at least one of my dates in November will come from someone I meet in a non-drinking setting (grocery store, coffee shop, etc) and without losing my sanity or my job, blog about each date I go on.

So get ready November, here I come.

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