Thursday, October 23, 2014

I want my bottle of wine back

Break-ups. They happen to the best of us. Hopefully most of us can come out of them unscathed but no matter what, each is unique in their own way.
Lets call my latest, Mr. Twitter.
Now Mr. Twitter very much suits his name. While most men put up walls and emotional baggage as a way to keep a woman at an arms length, I was always coming in second..behind twitter. Never having used twitter myself, I never quite got it. Why would someone want to chat online to a group of strangers and tell them about their day, when a real human being was a foot away from them? Yes, I do realize that I am currently writing a blog, so therefore aren't I doing the exact same thing? Well I like to think of myself as also socially adept and that someone will snap me out of it if I start writing a blog post before sharing that same story over a bottle of wine with my girlfriends.

Back to Mr. Twitter.

So here we are, I am at home getting ready for our next date and my phone lights up. A text. But not just any kind of text. A break-up text.
I don't know if you have ever gotten one of these but let me tell you, this is probably the most ridiculous way to end a relationship. After date 1,2 or 3, sure, a text is acceptable. After a few months of dating....are you kidding me? Well, that is exactly what I said. I called him up (surprise, he didn't pick up--not till a short while later I got the 'just got out of the shower, can you call again' text) and while most women leave clothes, cd's, jewelery at a man's house, I leave my most prized Normally I would have just let this slide and deemed it as collateral damage. But this time I thought what the heck, if this guy is so into romancing technology that he gets it to do his dirty work in his 'real life' relationships, I want my bottle of wine back.
So, 2 hours later on the rainiest night in Vancouver, I see Mr. Twitter one last time and guess what...he brought the wrong bottle of wine.

I guess I should have tweeted him.

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