Saturday, December 6, 2014

Wait, you have kids?

After my date with Mr. Laugh-A-Lot aka, the Hyena, I started wondering why I am consistently gambling my time away on these internet dates when I never come out the winner? Majority of the time I am sitting across from an internet man that without a virtual profile I would have never gone out with. So why am I doing it if the odds are so stacked against me?
Those were my exact thoughts at the time so that's when I did it, I did something even more surprising than my November challenge...I broke the cardinal rule of keeping the past in the past.
Let me explain.

Many. MANY, months ago I was at a Whitecaps game with some girlfriends. Beer was flowing, cheers were being sung and while I wasn't doing much game watching I was still having a great time. Half time comes around and while the players are eating orange slices (Those are not just for kids soccer, right?) I was heading for drink refills. That's when I came across Mr. Englishman. He was shouting to a friend across the crowd and so therefore I did the most Canadian welcome by mocking his accent and shouting "EHLLOO."

You need to know a few things: At this point in time I had been enjoying many drinks and my fake accents are probably the worst accents of all time.

Well it got a smile and wave from him but then we were lost in the crowd. So by happenstance during the second half of the game my friend spots him. Sitting in the front row, with an empty seat beside him. Fortunately for my chicken self, one of my girlfriends is not and she headed down there to go sit with him and do the ever so causal, 'my friends interested in you.' Low and behold it actually worked and after the game we exchanged numbers and started a week of texting back and forth.

It was fun, it was kismet, and then it got down right weird when I found out the deal breaker...he had kids. Now, I have told this story numerous times to girlfriends and they all have different responses when I told them he had kids. While I do agree that in many situations and for many people it works, but for me, that is just one of my deal breakers at this point in my life. So we parted texting ways.

Fast forward to night after Mr. Laugh-A-Lot date and I found myself sending Mr. Englishman a text. Oh geez.
I have really mixed feelings about why I did it. We haven't gone out yet, and I am not sure that we ever will. As the dust has now settled from my hyena date and I have found myself back on my feet, I am not sure that I even want to. The kids were a deal breaker for me six months ago and nothing has changed on that front so why would I even be considering a date with him? Maybe because for once it wouldn't be a gamble and I would be going into it knowing that it would be going no where? Or maybe November has left some bad residue on my December self?
To date, or not to date?

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